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Legal Protection For Common Interest Developments

If you are a real estate developer, an HOA manager or a professional in the construction industry, chances are this is not the first time you have seen the name Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul LLP. This is no coincidence; we have built our firm’s representation on a foundation of winning that dates back to more than two decades. We are known in the industry from coast-to-coast for our ability to protect the legal rights, finances and reputations of our clients.

We Have Experience On Both Sides Of Common Interest Law

At Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul, our experienced litigators have experience handling construction disputes and common interest cases from both sides, including those stemming from the Davis–Stirling Common Interest Development Act, which governs condominium, cooperative and planned unit development communities in California. We understand the implications of common interest regulations from the perspective of plaintiffs and defendants, allowing us to build a strong case on behalf of developers, managers and other professionals seeking to protect the legal and financial interests of a common interest development.

Proven Ability To Resolve Complex Legal Issues

Our firm handles all common interest development issues, using our legal skills to resolve disputes via alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation and arbitration whenever possible. Our ability to find amicable solutions to these complex issues protects the bottom lines of homeowners associations and other common interest developments. We have the litigation skills to protect your rights in court when a favorable agreement cannot be reached via ADR.

Get The Help You Need From Nationally Renowned Lawyers

With offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin and Kailua, we are uniquely positioned to protect the legal interests and financial well-being of common interest developments throughout the nation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.