A car is a necessity for many people, and driving to and from things like work or school is simply not optional. While driving every day might be relatively normal for most people, that does not mean it is safe. Car accidents are a real and present risk on California roads. Victims who are left to deal with the lingering aftermath of things like soft tissue injuries often struggle to find secure footing both physically and financially in the future. 

What is a soft tissue injury? 

The human body has many so-called soft areas, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Injuries that occur in these areas are referred to as soft tissue injuries. While there are many different types of soft tissue injuries, some that are commonly associated with car accidents include: 

  • Sprains 
  • Contusions 
  • Strains 

The term soft tissue injury may mislead some people into thinking that these types of injuries are not all that serious. In reality, a soft tissue injury can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. Anything from soreness and swelling to bruising and stiffness can limit a person’s daily life as well as his or her recovery. The symptoms of a soft tissue injury do not always appear immediately either and may develop over the hours or even days following a crash. Whether initially minor or severe, untreated soft tissue injuries can easily develop into chronic pain and discomfort. 

Recovering from soft tissue injuries after an accident is a journey that is frequently filled with ups and downs. From dealing with physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma and medical bills, California victims may struggle to find their footing. Although it may feel like a lonesome process, successfully navigated personal injury claims can offer help in the form of compensation necessary for recovery. 

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