Personal Injury And Wrongful Death

Experienced Litigators For Your Personal Injury Or Wrongful Death Claim

You did not choose to suffer a serious injury or lose a loved one. You do have the opportunity to select an attorney to pursue your rights in a personal injury or wrongful death claim to obtain financial resources for the damages you and your loved ones have suffered.

In San Diego and Las Vegas, you can put attorneys on your side who combine for more than 100 years of litigation experience. At Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul LLP, we have built our practice on a foundation of successful litigation in courts in California, Nevada and throughout the United States. We have won more than $100 million in judgments and settlements for our clients.

Benefit From Our Unique Perspective On Litigation

We have a deep understanding of the issues at play in injury and wrongful death cases, including insurance coverage and liability. We have represented large corporations, small businesses, insurance companies, homeowners associations and more in courtrooms across the country. We embrace work on behalf of the injured, using our knowledge of the defense side of these issues to build strong cases that can withstand the scrutiny of a trial.

Our tremendous reputation as litigators precedes us, allowing us to negotiate settlements from a position of strength. Our adversaries know we will go the distance to make sure our clients are properly compensated for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of companionship, funeral expenses and others. This is critical for our clients, many of whom have suffered chronic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries that require expensive modifications and lifelong care.

The ability of our attorneys to quickly examine evidence and pull threads together is crucial in motor vehicle accidents. Evidence can disappear quickly after an accident – swept away like the well-being of those injured as a result of negligent drivers, defective auto parts and construction defects. We focus on holding all negligent parties accountable and finding all available compensation for our clients.

Make The Choice You Deserve

We look forward to helping you find justice and peace of mind in the aftermath of your injury or loss. Contact us today for a free consultation with a proven litigator.

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