Though driving a motorcycle can be an enjoyable form of transportation, it also comes with some serious risks. Most motorcyclists do not need to be reminded of the risks because they understand how close they could come to suffering serious injuries or even losing their life. Sadly, a motorcycle accident can quickly have fatal results and leave surviving loved ones grieving.

It was recently reported that an accident in San Diego had a fatal outcome. Reports stated that the incident involved a motorcyclist and a car. Available details regarding the incident included the following:

  • The motorcyclist collided with the rear of the car.
  • The car was parked on the side of a freeway connector ramp where the accident took place.
  • Authorities were uncertain as to why the driver of the car was parked on the roadway.
  • The motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident.

Though the report mentioned that no other injuries resulted, there was no additional information provided about the driver of the car. It is likely that authorities will question that individual to gain more insight as to what may have contributed to the accident. If the driver was parked illegally, came to a sudden stop in front of the motorcyclist or carried out other reckless or negligent actions, that driver may be considered at fault for the incident.

If the driver of the car is considered at fault for this San Diego motorcycle accident, the family of the motorcyclist may have reason to file a wrongful death claim against that person. This type of legal claim could allow them to pursue monetary compensation for funeral expenses, final medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under state law. Such cases can be complicated, so gaining information on this option and whether it could suit their circumstances is a prudent step to take.

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