Some incidents that occur on roadways can seem like freak accidents. The circumstances can seem bizarre or unlikely, but it is common for an investigation into such incidents to find a simple and avoidable cause to serious car accidents. Unfortunately, that cause could lead to fatal outcomes before it is discovered.

It was recently reported that a fatal accident in California occurred under unusual circumstances. Authorities were called to the scene of an accident involving a semi-truck and other vehicles. Upon arriving, authorities gathered the following information:

  • A semi-truck was hauling a construction excavator when the excavator fell from the trailer.
  • The excavator fell from an above highway lane and landed on top of a vehicle that was on a lower-level exit ramp.
  • It was unclear what may have caused
  • the excavator to leave the trailer it was being hauled on.

Sadly, this incident resulted in the death of one driver. It was unclear how many people were involved, but no other injuries were reported. Additional information regarding the incident may become available at a later time.

It is all too easy for a mistake in loading a trailer or not properly securing cargo to cause a roadway accident. Fatal outcomes could happen quickly when unsuspecting drivers are in harm’s way due to the error of another driver or trucking company. The family of the driver killed in this California accident are undoubtedly grief-stricken by it, and as they work to move forward and understand what happened, they may want to explore their legal options for seeking recompense from the parties considered responsible in this unsettling incident.

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