Construction is a dangerous industry. It is one in which workers in San Diego and elsewhere could suffer harm while working on a project, or individuals inside a building or other structure could be at risk if construction defects exist. While some defects may be purely cosmetic, there are issues that could reduce the stability of a structure or otherwise cause problems that may result in injuries to those in or around the structure.

It is not unusual for a defect to not be immediately noticeable. In some cases, a project could look perfectly completed only for a problem to arise months or years later due to an issue with the construction itself. If this happens and injuries result, those affected may have reason to take legal actions in hopes of pursuing compensation.

When a construction accident takes place and defects are suspected, it is possible for one of the following types of defects to have played a role:

  • Design problems: These issues could present themselves from the beginning of the project when the design has not properly taken vital details into account, such as the weight the structure needs to support, for example.
  • Workman defects: These defect result from negligent workmanship on a project, such as workers not following the plans or cutting corners to save money or time.
  • Material issues: These troubles can stem from using cheap or subpar construction materials that do not meet safety standards or are not suitable for a particular project.

Unfortunately, construction defects can cause harrowing outcomes. The result of an accident could range from minor injuries to the loss of life, and in those more serious cases, numerous lives can be affected in substantial ways. If San Diego residents have been negatively affected by such defects, they may want to determine whether they have reason to pursue compensation though personal injury or wrongful death claims associated with a construction accident.

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