The Austin area of Texas does not usually see a lot of wintry weather each year. Although driving in icy and snowy conditions can cause problems for drivers anywhere, those who are not used to traveling in inclement weather may not know to adjust their driving methods, or they may not know how to recover from sliding or otherwise losing control of their vehicles on slippery road surfaces. Icy conditions are being blamed on dozens of vehicle accidents over a two-day period in the Lone Star state.

More than 100 accidents

First responders, law enforcement and emergency crews responded to 146 vehicle crashes between Feb. 23 and Feb. 25. Although the majority of the collisions were minor, low-speed fender-benders, the report did mention at least 13 rollover accidents. One of the crashes involved 12 vehicles in a pileup on the north side of Austin.

All told, at least 82 people suffered injuries in the various crashes. The report did not specify the severity of those injuries, nor did it provide any updates as to the victims’ conditions. Authorities have mostly blamed the icy road conditions as causes of the crashes, which closed several roads in the area and led to many traffic delays.

Ice or ignorance?

Although authorities blame the ice for leading to many of the accidents, some may have occurred due to a motorist’s unfamiliarity with driving on icy roads and/or driving too fast for conditions. If someone was injured in an accident caused by a driver acting recklessly or negligently behind the wheel during adverse conditions, the affected party may elect to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver believed to have been at fault in an attempt to recover documented monetary damages. Those interested in pursuing civil claims against others they feel are responsible for the injuries they suffered should consult first with an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas to gain a full understanding of their rights and options.

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