It is not unusual for people to work in the same job for decades or even the duration of their careers without being involved in an injury-causing accident. Unfortunately, the chances of being involved in such an incident can increase in certain professions, particularly in the construction industry. When a construction accident does occur, it is not unusual for the injuries to be catastrophic.

One man in Texas recently endured life-changing injuries after such an incident. According to reports, the man has worked in the construction industry for nearly three decades and had never been involved in a work-related accident before. That changed when he was working on a job site and a crane toppled over.

Additional information regarding the incident included the following:

  • The crane landed on top of the man, leaving him stuck in a dangerous position.
  • Emergency crews could not easily extricate the man, and additional medical personnel was called to the scene.
  • One doctor involved determined that the best course of action was to amputate both of the man’s legs at the site.
  • After the double amputation, the man was transported to a medical facility for surgery and additional treatment.
  • At the time of the report, the man had been released from the hospital and a rehabilitation center and was continuing his recovery at home.

The man stated that the doctors involved saved his life. Still, he will likely have a considerable number of changes to adjust to and a long road to recovery ahead as he deals with his injuries. Depending on the exact details of how the construction accident occurred, the man may have legal options for seeking compensation for the resulting harm he suffered in the incident. Gaining information from local Texas legal resources regarding those possible options may be useful to him.

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