A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to devastating, lifelong conditions. From chronic headaches and blurred vision to memory lapses and cognitive impairment, individuals can struggle through a broad array of symptoms following brain trauma. Unfortunately, personality changes represent a significant symptom that could dramatically impact the victim’s entire family.

Whether caused by a motor vehicle collision, a fall from height or being struck in the head by falling debris, a TBI will likely lead to unique symptoms for each sufferer. While memory loss and difficulty speaking might be more traditional, measurable symptoms, many individuals will struggle with personality changes. In many cases, the individual who suffered the TBI might not even recognize a change, but the personality change can directly impact loved ones and family members in six ways:

  • Loss of trust: Unpredictable personality shifts can make it challenging to build the trust needed in a close, personal relationship.
  • Loss of integrity: The victim of TBI might begin to mentally distance himself or herself from the “other” person who is exhibiting these negative personality characteristics.
  • Emotional pain: An outburst from someone suffering from personality changes will often leave emotional scars that can impact the relationship.
  • Conflict resolution: It will likely be impossible to resolve arguments as people tend to treat those suffering from cognitive or emotional deficiencies differently – impacting the ability to achieve a resolution.
  • Decreased intimacy: The personality changes could lead to decreased desire. Additionally, it might be harder for a significant other to find the intimacy necessary to continue this relationship.
  • Physical conflict: In many instances, the victim of a TBI will express their inner rage in a physical manner often resulting in physical harm to loved ones, family members, caregivers and themselves.

Personality changes can impact everyone differently and on different schedules. It could be that waking up from a nap triggers an emotional shift or the person could literally change mid-sentence. It is important to remember that these TBI symptoms not only effect the victim himself or herself but can also destroy the family unit. Showering a victim of TBI with care and attention might be the number one priority, but when it is impossible to make inroads into a personality change, everyone suffers.

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