Most San Diego residents are grateful for their health and their abilities. Of course, a person’s health and his or her ability to carry out daily tasks or even handle personal care could change in an instant. In particular, a person could end up involved in a serious accident that leads to a traumatic brain injury that changes his or her life.

A TBI can often occur because a person experiences a severe blow, jolt or bump to the head. It is not unusual for car accident victims to hit their head during a crash and have a TBI as a resulting injury. A TBI is not the same as an injury caused by a degenerative cognitive disease that affects the brain or from experiencing a stroke or blood clot. TBIs are referred to as traumatic brain injuries because they result from a traumatic event.

In some cases, the damage caused by a TBI could be permanent. However, most individuals who have this type of injury go through various forms of medical treatment and therapy in hopes of improving the harm done. For example, patients may need physical therapy to address the following areas:

  • Balance
  • Motor control
  • Movement
  • Regaining function
  • Preventing reinjury or additional injury to the brain

Unfortunately, the road to even partial recovery from a traumatic brain injury can be long and difficult. The challenges can be physical, mental and even financial. Medical care does not come cheap for most San Diego residents, and needing long-term physical therapy could result in substantial bills. These monetary repercussions may cause additional stress that a person suffering from a TBI does not need. If the injury resulted from the negligence or recklessness of another party, the victim may be able to file a personal injury claim against the liable party or parties in hopes of pursing compensation for resulting harm.

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