It is a tragedy when any young person suddenly loses his or her life. Parents never want to fathom that this type of event could affect their family, but far too often, teens are killed in car accidents due to reckless behavior. In some cases, the victims are innocent passengers or those in other vehicles, which can make the loss even more difficult for loved ones to bear.

It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in San Diego and claimed the lives of two 19-year-olds. Apparently, a male was driving a vehicle when he failed to maintain control of the vehicle. The car then collided with a pole and then a streetlight before coming to a stop. The vehicle was so severely damaged in the crash that emergency crews were uncertain how many people were inside at first.

The driver and a female passenger were the only two inside, and emergency personnel had to extricate them from the vehicle. At the time of the report, the following information was available:

  • Speeding was a suspected factor in the crash.
  • No other vehicles were involved.
  • Both the driver and the passenger suffered fatal injuries and were declared deceased at the accident site.
  • It was not mentioned whether drugs or alcohol may have played a role.

Speeding is commonly a concern parents have when it comes to their teens driving. Unfortunately, that type of reckless behavior resulted in the loss of two lives. Due to the circumstances surrounding the incident, family of the passenger killed in this San Diego car accident may have reason to seek compensation for their loss from the estate of the driver considered at fault.

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