An accident can change your life in many ways, especially if you suffered any type of brain injury. Even a minor head injury can lead to major consequences, leaving you with side effects and other problems that may continue to affect you well into the future. Brain injuries affect people in different ways, and you could struggle for years with cognitive, memory and sleep problems, as well as other complications. 

If your brain injury resulted from the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you could have grounds to pursue legal action. You should not have to suffer long-term due to the actions of someone else. Your brain injury may affect the rest of your life, and you could have a rightful claim to damages for your pain and suffering.  

Short-term consequences 

There are some effects of a TBI that may be immediately apparent. For example, you could have swelling, bruising and a headache. After enduring any type of blow to the head, the following symptoms could indicate that medical attention is necessary: 

  • Lingering headache 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Difficulty speaking 
  • Loss of balance  
  • Continued dizziness 

If you experienced these, it could be a sign that you could have a relatively significant brain injury that will require medical supervision. 

Long-term consequences 

The true severity and impact of a brain injury may not be immediately apparent. Over time, you could find that certain symptoms become more prominent or ones you experienced immediately after the accident simply never went away. Some of the ways a TBI can affect you long-term include: 

  • Memory loss 
  • Trouble sleeping or struggles with fatigue 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Difficulty completing tasks 
  • Regular headaches 

Depending on the severity of the injury, you could find that your TBI is affecting your ability to work and live normally. You could have a reduced capacity to do things you used to do with ease. It can take you months or even years to truly recover, and if your TBI is severe, you may live with side effects the rest of your life. 

What’s next? 

If you believe you could have grounds for a civil claim after suffering from a TBI, there are options available to you. It is in your interests to explore these options as it could make a significant difference in the outcome of your situation if you choose to pursue a case. You have the right to pursue damages and compensation so you can work toward the most reasonable recovery possible in your individual situation. 

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