Losing a loved one in a car accident is a life-changing event that can affect surviving loved ones in unimaginable ways. Because it is such a harrowing event, it can take time for family members to come to terms with what happened. In some cases, the financial repercussions of losing a loved one so suddenly may seem insurmountable, but many families have legal options, such as filing a wrongful death claim, that could allow them to seek monetary restitution for their losses. 

One family in California may be considering their legal options after a recent accident claimed the life of their loved one. The following details regarding the crash were provided in the report: 

  • A vehicle traveling south was moving at a high rate of speed. 
  • The driver of the southbound vehicle failed to maintain the correct lane and traveled into the northbound lane. 
  • A driver in the northbound lane attempted to swerve to avoid the vehicle. 
  • The vehicles still collided on the front left sides of their vehicles. 

The northbound vehicle left the roadway after the collision and came to a stop in a field. That driver was reported as being a 31-year-old woman, and she was declared deceased at the accident site. The driver of the southbound vehicle had to be extricated from his vehicle, and he was reported as having suffered serious injuries. 

The unexpected and devastating loss of a loved one can leave family members wondering how they will move forward in life. If they believe it could suit their circumstances, they may wish to gain information on filing a wrongful death claim against the driver considered at fault. This type of civil legal claim could allow them to pursue compensation for funeral expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages allowable under California law. 

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