Moving into a newly constructed home is often an exciting time. The idea of feeling safe and secure with all new amenities in a home can often justify the cost of possibly paying more for a home built to desired specifications or that owners know will not have issues caused from previous owners. However, that feeling of security may soon go out the window if problems with the home result due to construction defects. A recently filed class action lawsuit is addressing such concerns.

San Diego readers may be interested in a case recently filed in a nearby state. Apparently, several homeowners in a neighborhood sustained serious damage to their homes during a storm that hit the area. However, the homeowners believed that the extent of the damage should not have occurred, given that winds associated with the storm only reached a maximum of 50 mph. Nonetheless, many brand-new homes experienced damage, including siding and roofing stripped from homes during the storm.

Because this affected so many individuals, there was a class action lawsuit filed against LGI Homes, the developer in charge of building the homes in the affected community. Homeowners provided the following additional details:

  • Homeowners faced denial for coverage under their one-year home warranty as the company cited “acts of God” as being a reason for denial.
  • One owner stated that she had an outside contractor come inspect the property after the storm and that the contractor discovered numerous serious construction concerns.
  • Other owners indicated the improper installation of the shingles on their roofs.
  • The estimated cost of the necessary repairs is $150,000 per home.

The class action lawsuit hopes to hold the developer accountable for violations of the Consumer Protection Act, breach of contract and the resulting damages. The case may help dozens of homeowners receive compensation for the construction defects and difficulties they have faced as a result. These cases can be complex, but if successful, such lawsuits are often worth the time and effort for San Diego residents and those elsewhere.

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