Living in an area with a homeowners’ association can certainly come with its pros and cons for California residents. For some, knowing that they will live in an area that has regulations on property appearance may help them feel more secure that their property value will not be affected by messy neighbors. However, some restrictions and the consequences of violating those restrictions may seem like violations of a person’s rights themselves. As a result, HOA litigation could result.

Though there are certain laws in place that put regulations on HOAs, these associations typically have free rein over the restrictions they place on the applicable area. While some of the stipulations are relatively common, such as not allowing landscaping to become overgrown or not allowing pets to roam free, other rules can seem outlandish and unjust. Unfortunately, even if a person believes that a rule is absurd, the HOA could impose fines or other consequence if the property owner violates the rule.

Some examples of more bizarre rules that various HOAs have implemented include the following:

  • Requiring property owners to leave their garage door open during the day
  • Imposing a substantial daily fine for flower beds that do not meet regulations
  • Prohibiting social media groups that discuss the neighborhood
  • Forbidding homeowners from parking their vehicles on their driveway rather than in the garage

Unfortunately, this list is only a few of the many seemingly ridiculous regulations that an HOA could attempt to enforce. In some cases, homeowners could face thousands of dollars in daily fines for issues that seem inconsequential. It is not unusual for California homeowners to have to take legal action to defend against the fines and fight back against an overbearing board.

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